Milan & Venice, Italy- May 2017

Milan, Italy

To celebrate my birthday in May 2017, I went to Italy. I started off in Milan and then went for a trip to Venice. I was very lucky with the weather the days I spent in northern Italy, it was really warm already by the end of May when I went there. I managed to get a sunburn on my shoulders as I didn’t think the sun was that strong.

 My first day in Milan I spent doing sightseeing in the city with a visit to Doumo di Milan. This church is so spectacular! Not only the exterior, but also the interior and the roof. I was lucky to be able to come up on the roof of the church as well, I do really recommend going up to see all the details up close.

The next stop was of course Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which is located just next to the church. The beautiful ceiling of this building is totally amazing, so don’t forget to look up! I had so many great dishes to eat while in Milan, they are very good with their risotto- so don’t miss out on that!

Venice, Italy

The next day I took a bus to Venice, the ride there is quite long, but the end result was amazing and I’m so happy I did this despite the long bus ride. Venice in itself is so beautiful and just walking around in the narrow alleys looking at the amazing buildings and houses. The downside with Venice is the big number of tourists and people, unfortunately it takes away from the magic a bit. Try to walk a bit away from the San Marco square and the hordes of people get smaller. Even though the city is like a maze, they have made it quite easy to navigate around with signs to San Marco’s square around every corner you pass.

 A must in Venice is of course to ride a gondola and sure I did! It was actually very cosy to glide around the city on these historical boats. It’s an own experience in itself, so make sure to enjoy. In my gondola, I was accompanied by two other girls, who’s only goal was to take as many pictures and selfies as possible and I think they forgot to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 


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