Athens, Greece- March 2017

Athens, Greece

In March 2017, I took my mum with me to Athens, Greece to enjoy this underrated city of history and architecture. Athens has a reputation from decades ago to be a run-down city with very little to offer tourist. But I realised a lot has happened in Athens the last 30 years and they have renovated large areas of the city and got rid off all the pollution that was in the air. My mum visited Athens around 3 decades ago and what she remembered from then, was the pollution and how it affected people and of course the view of the beautiful buildings in the city.

A must in Athens is of course to visit the Acropolis with the marvellous Parthenon on the top. There’s so much history on the hill of Acropolis and you can feel the wings of history while you walk around. It was quite a bit of walking to get up, so don’t wait with visiting the Acropolis until your 90 years of age.

An area in Athens you can’t miss (pretty hard to miss though) is Plaka. Narrow streets, spectacular buildings and monuments that turns up around every corner and cosy squares with amazing food awaits you. Spend a couple of hours just walking around and explore this part of the city, it’s amazing.

So if you are thinking about Athens, but are bit taken back of old tales, forget about the tales and go!

Piraeus, Greece

One day we took the bus just outside of Athens to visit the sea town of Piraeus. It’s located just 25 minutes outside the city and stretches out along the bay, you can literally have lunch almost on the water here. It’s pretty expensive to eat in Piraeus if you compare to many places in Athens, but it’s so worth coming and enjoying the calmness of the ocean.


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