Austria & Slovakia- July 2017

Vienna, Austria

In July I went to Vienna, Austria mainly for work, but I made time for some private pleasure as well. The first evening I arrived I walked straight to Schönbrunn, which has always been a dream of mine to visit. I ended up going here once again a couple of days later, it’s incredible and when I walked around the corner from the royal garden and the whole ”backyard” opened up I said -”WOW” out loud. It’s totally amazing and I really recommend you go there while in Vienna.

I had a bit of bad luck when I went there, it was so incredibly warm in the middle of summer it was actually tough walking around in the city after a while, so I took a pause outside of St Peter’s church that kind of reminded me of churches I’ve seen in Rome. The other must see in Vienna is of course the Giant Ferris wheel, Wiener Riesenrad. I actually took a trip in it and the view from the top out of Vienna is amazing.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Whilst in Vienna I took the opportunity to go to Bratislava, Slovakia which is close to the capital of Austria. These are the closest capitals in Europe with only around an hour car ride apart. I wasn’t expecting a lot from this city, but I must say I was surprised about the lovely heart of the city and all the history that has been saved for coming generations, like the Castle of Bratislava build in the 10th century. When you walk along the streets of this picturesque city don’t forget to look down sometimes to see markings in the cobblestones and also have a look at the roofs of many of the buildings which are marvellous. They also have some funny statues around the city that makes the observer stop and take a picture. If you are ever visiting Vienna, due take the opportunity to visit this pearl, if you’re not traveling around Slovakia, then it’s a obvious choice. 


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