Alanya, Turkey- August 2017

In August 2017, I took a week’s real vacation in the warmth, when I travelled to Alanya, Turkey. This was my second time in Turkey, one year before I went to Side with my brother for a week. This trip was mainly for relaxing and enjoying the sun (that was very lacking in Sweden at the moment). I stayed at a hotel right on the Cleopatra beach with great pool areas and the staff was great. This was a packaged trip with Ving, included breakfast and the hotel had an age limit of 16, which was perfect for me since I was longing for some relaxing days. I mostly spent my days by the pool or the sea, eating close by and reading a lot of books. The weather was perfect (I like when it gets pretty hot) and I treated myself to Hamam and massages during my trip. If you are looking for somewhere cheap to go, sunny and not an extreme flight to go there I really recommend going to Turkey. I haven’t been unhappy with either of my trips there. 


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