Riga, Latvia

2017-12-27 A month ago, I visited Riga the capital of Latvia, also the largest city in the Baltics. I was supposed to spend more time in Riga, but unfortunately, my trip started off with a delayed flight, so I missed several hours. But as soon as I landed I was sure to make the best of my trip and so I did. I started off early in the morning with a tour around the city to navigate myself, but also to learn more about this medieval city. For once, the first Christmas tree was dressed in the city already in year 1510, cool. Riga was a part of the Swedish empire from 1629 to 1721 and I could find some traces from this period, for example the Swedish Gate, which was a gate opened in the facade of a house for the soldiers to pass through instead of having to walk around the city walls.

Riga is not the biggest of cities, but with so much history. The visit gave me more than I thought to begin with and I would really recommend a visit to this fascinating city. Don’t miss out on the Art Nouveau/ Jugend area of the city, the buildings are totally awesome, many of them are designed by the local architect Mikhail Eisenstein. It’s so much worth walking around the marvelous buildings and absorb the history of this city.  

At the Swedish Gate in Riga. 

An amazing staircase in the Art Nouveau district of Riga.

St Peter’s Church. Before WW2 this church was the tallest wooden building in Europe. It has also been struck by lightning 6 times before they changed the roof. 

From The Art Nouveau district of Riga, a building designed by Mikhail Eisenstein.

In the city they have 5 old zeppelin hangars where they today have meat, fruit, fish and flower markets. 

Such a beautiful view from the Skyline rooftop bar. 


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