My 2017

I must say 2017 has been one of the best years in my life. I have been able to travel, meet amazing people from all corners of the globe, grow as a person, see incredible sites and explore the world. I have been traveling a lot by myself this year and it has been really developing for me as a person. I have learnt I can take care of myself and I manage more than I think I do. Traveling has given me so many new contacts and given me a new outlook on life. I still have much more to explore and see of the world, but I feel so grateful in having this wonderful year behind me and a suitcase filled with so much more knowledge than I could have ever imagined. 

I feel thankful for every one of you who made my year special and made me feel loved and liked. I’ve struggled with low self-esteem for quite some time and this year has given me new strings to my guitar and I feel more secure in myself. I still have many moments of insecurity and a feeling of loneliness, my first trip of 2017 was my second time ever traveling by myself. It’s been challenging to handle being by myself, but I’ve become better and better at it. I actually feel the most lonley when when I’m back home between trips. Something to work on next year! I wish you all a Happy New Year and let’s make 2018 just as amazing (or even better) than 2017! 

Some fun facts about this year:

  • Visited 14 countries
  • Visited 31 cities or villages
  • Been on 34 air planes
  • Been away from home for 52 days  
  • Posted 246 pictures or videos on Instagram
  • Travelled by myself on 9 trips
  • Had my fingers in 5 seas
  • Been on 2 continents
  • Been in the top of 3 churches 
  • Crossed 1 rope bridge
  • Rode 2 ferris wheels 
  • Went on 1 donkey ride

The coming few days I will write one post a day about my trips during the year 2017 (except from Latvia and Ireland, since I have already posted about them). So keep checking in my blog for upcoming exciting posts ☺



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