Makadi Bay and Bedouin Village

To celebrate my mum turning 60 we went together to Egypt to experience the pyramids among a lot of other things. We had booked a 5-star resort with breakfast outside of Hurghada called Jaz Saraya Makadi Bay. It’s located just south of Hurghada along the Red Sea coast line. We weren’t really prepared for it to a closed resort with its own security check and no restaurants or places to go except for on the resort, but since we knew we had a lot of activities coming up this was no problem. The resort in itself was totally amazing, it had everything from heated pools, regular pools, beach, a la cart restaurants, ping pong tables, pool bar and so much more. It’s like its own little world in the middle of the desert. The buildings, palm trees and various flowers made the surroundings amazing and you could just walk around looking at all the beautiful wonders. The service was great and the staff was very helpful, so I could really recommend going here.  

As I said before we didn’t spend all that much time at the actual resort area, I think we got around 2 days of relaxing time by the pool and enjoying the surroundings, the rest of our trip we did different activities such as visiting a Bedouin villageLuxorCairo and Giza.  

Bedouin village and desert adventure  

The second day we decided to go on a desert adventure and visit a Bedouin village hid behind the mighty mountains and large sand dunes. We didn’t take the 4-weelers and drove ourselves (remember, my mum is turning 60), so we took a jeep instead, which was actually an adventure in itself riding the bumpy sand through the desert to reach the village. We were a lot less sandy than the people who drove themselves at least. I think we were both expecting a more ”sandy” desert, but this part of the Egyptian desert has more mountains and stones than the east desert.

In place with some butt massage I went on a camel ride in the gazing sun which was a new experience for me, but very nice and the Bedouin people handling them were great. It’s a bit touristy to do this, but why not when in Egypt? 


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