Ireland part 1

The week before Christmas I visited Ireland and Northeren Ireland for a couple of days to discover the beautiful landscape on this amazing island. I must say this trip has been one of the best of this year and the landscape was better than I could’ve expected before I came.  

I arrived lated than it was planned due to a delayed flight from Copenhagen, but when I stepped foot our of Dublin I got picked up by the happiest and most helpfull taxi driver ever. He gave me a lot of information about the city and explained the English and Irish signs that you could see all trough the roads.  

When I got to the hotel I was met by the most helpfull staff at The Harding Hotel that helped me with taxi bookings, breakfast packings (had very earlie mornings) and were just so very nice. I had a great view from my room over Dublin Christ Church. The room was very small, but still super convenient for just a couple of days in the city. The location very close to Temple Bar was perfect. 

Dublin Christ Church (my view from my hotel room)  The first evening I had a walk around Dublin and had a bite to eat in the area of Temple Bar. 

The Tempel bar in Temple Bar in Dublin


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