Don’t forget!

2018-01-27 Today is the Holocaust Memorial Day and I watched several documentaries about the holocaust today. One of them was a film from Heidi Fried, a survivor of Auschwitz among other camps. She expressed a concern for the coming generations, remembering the horrific happenings during the second World War. It’s now 73 years ago and the people who lived through these horrors are getting fewer every year that passes by. I can feel her concern, especially with the political climate going on at the moment. People are turning against each other instead of lending out a helping hand and see each other as human beings. 

I have been quite obsessed with the second world war and the holocaust ever since I was a little girl and I have always been fascinated about how far everything went. How far can one person go? How easily manipulated can we be? The power of evil and diversity is mind-blowing and I don’t get it. We are all people, but we are also all different, we believe in different Gods, we love who ever we love, we look different, but what does that matter? I have always had a hard time with people wanting to blame a single group for problems, that are not at all related to that. Have we forgot about the horrors 73 years ago already? It’s so easy to blame someone else for your problems, instead of looking at yourself and deal with it head on. I beg you, don’t forget about our past!


From Berlin Holocaust Memorial monument 


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