Budapest, Hungary – March 2018

In March 2018 I got on a plane to Budapest and had booked a room at the famouse Gellért Hotel and Spa. I was a bit surprised that the hotel was as run- down as it was and was expecting something more spectacullare, but the location of Gellért was perfect and the staff was really good. I used the spa when I was there and had a great full body massage and pedicure (super cheap!), I really recommend a visit to the spa, the surroundings are great! 

Gellért Hotel and Spa Surprisingly enough I had a friend (with more friends) visiting Budapest at the same time and I was able to hang with them during the evenings. We had some great meals out in Budapest and it was really cheap to eat and drink in the city. Really recomment Mazel Tov and Kárpátia Étterem és Söröző. Budapest was incredibly beautiful and if you like history and architechture, it’s the perfect place to go. I was mesmorized by all the wonderful buildings and bridges in the city and I took a city tour to get more information about the area and the history of Budapest. 

Liberty Bridge Szentendre and Esztergom When in Budapest I wanted to explore more of the Hungaryan country and went on a day trip to Szentendre and Esztergom. The day trip also entitled a short visit to Storovo in Slovakia.  The city of Szentendre is an artist city with a lot of crealive minds and the city was super cute and there was so many things to look at. I really recommend a visit in this village if you have the opportunity while in the area. 


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